TWS has developed formal agreements with a number of its partners, including federal agencies and other organizations, which establish how TWS and its partners relate to and work with one another, either in general or in relation to a specific project.

TWS often enters into formal, signed Memoranda of Understanding/Agreement (MOUs/MOAs). These may be general in nature or based on a specific collaborative project. Below are current MOUs/MOAs that TWS has entered into.

General Frameworks for Cooperation

The Wildlife Society has several MOUs/MOAs with federal agencies and other organizations which establish a general agreement about how the Society and a given entity relate to and work with one another. As part of these MOUs, TWS and the corresponding entity usually agree to promote knowledge and technology transfer through collaboration on joint publications, workshops, conferences, and other activities. In addition, these entities often encourage their employees to become TWS members, engage in leadership roles within the Society, and participate in our Certified Wildlife Biologist program. TWS has current MOUs of this type with the following:

Project-Based Agreements

TWS has entered into the following agreements for actions on specific projects with outside entities.

National Wildlife Federation

Agreement formed in 2011 for TWS to work with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to develop sessions on bioenergy, policy and wildlife at TWS annual and regional meetings, publish NWF-authored articles in TWS publications, and identify experts and recruit speakers for policy briefings and other media events.

Natural Resource Conservation Service

An agreement formed in 2011 recognizes that TWS Certified Wildlife Biologists are automatically eligible to become Natural Resource Conservation Service Technical Service Providers.