The Wildlife Society’s mission is to represent and serve the professional community of scientists, managers, educators, technicians, planners, and others who work actively to study, manage, and conserve wildlife and its habitats worldwide.

Your first year membership in the New Mexico Chapter will be free, then $8.00 a year thereafter.
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Quentin Hays is the President of the NM Chapter:  Quentin.Hays@enmu.edu; 575-257-2120

If you wish to bring a wildlife issue to this Chapter, please contact the Conservation Affairs Committee, Brian Hanson 505-856-1386 for more CAC

For website questions contact the Webmaster Brian Hanson at bhtwsnm@comcast.net

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Winter Newsletter

New Chapter Board Members 2015

February 2015 - Officers/Board Members     New Mexico Chapter of The Wildlife Society  

President Quentin Hays:  Quentin.Hays@enmu.edu; 575-257-2120 (ext. 392)
President-elect Ginny Seamster: virginia.seamster@state.nm.us; 505-476-8111

Secretary Ryan Walker: ryan.walker@state.nm.us; 575-445-2311
Treasurer Dan Collins:  dan_collins@fws.gov; 505-248-6881
Board Members
Kristin Madden: kristin.madden@state.nm.us; 505-476-8161
Krysten Zummo: kzummo11@gmail.com; 575-646-5613
Scott Carleton: carleton@nmsu.edu; 575-646-7196
Past President
James W. Cain, III:  jwcain@nmsu.edu; 575-646-3382




Dec 12 - Fall Newsletter

December 12, 2014 Announcement Call for Proposal for TWS Annual Meeting, Oct 17 - 21, 2015  Winnipeg, Manitoba

December 5, Announcements

November 21, 2014 Announcements
1.Registration information, workshops, and schedule for AZ/NM JAM 2015
2.Secondcall for papers for the 2015 AZ/NM JAM–Submission DeadlineDec15th, 2014
3.Submit nominations for the NM TWS Outstanding Student Award and the Wildlife Professional Award–Due Dec 15th 2014
4.Submit nominations for a position on the NM TWS board by November 30th, 2014
5.Species of Greatest Conservation Need workshop to be held at the JAM-February 5th, 2014
6.Recording for Women of Wildlife conference call available
7.Concept paper regarding applying the North American model to Herpetofauna now available
8.Interior secretary announces sage grouse deal, praises Wyoming conservation efforts
9.Our Highways’ Toll on Wildlife
10.US voters deciding on billions for conservation
11.A fraction of the global military spending could save the planet's biodiversity
12.Miles Moretti: Conserving multiple species at once
13.New Prediction Tool for Birds’ Future Habitat Ranges

 2014 Summer Newsletter