Working Group Communications

Linked In

Check out the Wildlife and Habitat Restoration Working Group (WHRWG) on LinkedIn! This is a great place to communicate with members of the restoration community and professionals around the world! Members can post articles, share experiences, and connect with other professionals engaged in restoration projects across the globe. 

Listserv and Newsletters

The Executive Board has decided that our best approach to enhancing communication with our members andguests would be via our LinkedIn Group and some changes to our website. We look forward to the positive impacts and timely interactions resulting from these communication mechanisms. For example, LinkedIn Discussions are available for group members to view soon after posting. They do not require a lengthy approval process associated with list-servs or a suite of companion articles as does a newsletter. These discussions and any articles developed by our members are also available for posting on our upcoming webpages hightlighting restoration stories, new and seasoned techniques, and stories from the field.

We are excited about these changes and hope our members feel the same. We also hope to hear your thoughts, comments, and concerns with these changes to better serve the goals of our working group.Our contact information is available on the officers webpage.

TWS Publications

Support the WHRWG mission - submit an item to The Wildlifer or the Wildlife Professional.  Let the WHRWG secretary know about your submission so we can acknowledge your contribution on the website.

Other Questions?  Contact an officer.